Unit test the ICommand Property of ViewModel – MVVM Pattern

Good to have new Patterns to design your applications. MVVM is such one pattern.

I assume the reader of this post has basic understanding of what MVVM stands for.

MVVM gives the flexibility to handle the User action in ViewModel using ICommand property. However this brings another challenge for developer of unit test this.

Consider a sample ICommand:

public ICommand ClearCommand
                if (this.infClearCommand == null)
                    this.infClearCommand = new RelayCommand(
                        param =>
                            this.SelectedFileName = string.Empty;
                            this.infFileReader = null;
                        param =>
                             return true;
                 return this.infClearCommand;             

Now to unit test this piece of code:

public void Test()
    ABCViewModel target = new ABCViewModel(); 
    target.SelectedFileName = "XYZ";
    Assert.AreEqual(target.SelectedFileName, string.Empty);

ICommand.Execute will take care of the Unit Test for you.


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