New WorkItem Type but Hidden in Microsoft TFS 2012

I assume The reader has basic understanding of what is Work item type in TFS and how to create a new work item type.

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Sometimes we need to create a new WorkItem type but do want to allow user to have direct access to create entries in it as we do with Task WI or Bug WI.

In my case i wanted to maintain a build register but was not willing to allow any user to create a new item in it.

You can hide a WI Type by modifying the Categories in Process Template.

Download the process template on your local machine.

Search for categories.xml file.

Open it in Notepad

Add entry for new WIT in the section where you find: Hidden Types Category

In this section, add a new entry for Build Register and you are done..

<CATEGORY name=”Hidden Types Category” refname=”Microsoft.HiddenCategory”>
<DEFAULTWORKITEMTYPE name=”Code Review Request” />
<WORKITEMTYPE name=”Code Review Response” />
<WORKITEMTYPE name=”Feedback Request” />
<WORKITEMTYPE name=”Feedback Response” />
<WORKITEMTYPE name=”Shared Steps” />

    <WORKITEMTYPE name=”Build Register” />