Step by step installation guide – SharePoint Designer 2013

1.     Introduction

This document gives the clarity to install SharePoint Designer 2013 in windows server 2008 R2.

SharePoint Designer 2013

License Free ware
Platform 32bit and 64bit
Operating System From windows 7

2.     Purpose

Purpose of this document is to describe the each and every step involved in installation of SharePoint Designer 2013.

3.     About

SharePoint Designer 2013 allows you as an advanced user or even as a developer to rapidly create solutions without code. Its covers the following topics,

  • Management – of sites and lists
  • Data sources – create and manager internal and external data sources
  • View and forms – create views and forms to work with data
  • Workflows – create workflows to manage business processes
  • Branding – customize the look and feel of your SharePoint site.

4.     System requirement

  • Operation system – 64-bit edition of windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack (SP1)
    • Other supported OS – Windows 7, 8, 8.1, windows server 2012.
  • Framework – Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework or higher.
  • Sharepoint Designer 2013 – Platform type 64 bit (x64).here
  • SQL: 64 bit edition of MS SQL server 2012 or 64bit edition of MS SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • Designer and MS office should be same platform – So 64 bit version of MS office
  • Sharepoint 2013 Site – Running State

5.     Installation

  • In windows Server 2008 R2 system, copy the downloaded executable file of SharePoint Designer 2013.
  • Click the downloaded file – SharePoint Designer 2013


  • Click ‘Install Now’


  • Once successfully installed – click close.


6.     Connect to SharePoint Site

Once successfully installed SharePoint Designer 2013, Open SharePoint Designer 2013 and connect to SharePoint 2013 site as follows,

  • Open SharePoint Designer 2013 by selecting it on the Start Menu. Click All Programs, click MS office 2013, and then click SharePoint Designer 2013.


  • Click Open site on the SharePoint Designer start page



SharePoint Designer is ready to develop.


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