What is Docker and what it do?

Docker, is a new container technology.

Docker is being adopted by companies at enormous rate, particularly the BFSI IT companies.

Docker is open source technology. Concept of containers started around year 2000.

It makes it possible to get far more apps running on the same old servers and it also makes it very easy to package and ship programs.

If you want your server to run most application instances executing on least amount of hardware, Docker is the fit case to be used there.

However if the need is to run multiple applications on different operating systems on same hardware, Docker is not the tool to be used.

Leaving these apart Docker pack/ ship and run any application that can virtually run anywhere.



Stay tuned..






TFVC vs GIT in 2015

We all know that TFS 2013 and onwards 2 types of code repository are supported. TFVC is Microsoft own product for code management. Git is Distributed version control system, was initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development in 2005.

Feature TFVC Git Comments
Alerts Y Y
Android Studio integration N Y
Build support Y Y Both Xaml builds & Build V.Next. Also have support for both for Jenkins
CodeLens Y Y Some differences. Git works offline. TFVC has a couple more indicators – like incoming changes.
Code review Y Y TFVC has “in IDE” code review.

Git has web based pull requests.

Later this year the two will be

converged and have web and IDE

experiences for both

Code search N Y Code search is in private preview

and currently only has Git

support. MS recently added this support in TFVC

Cross platform command line Y Y
Data warehouse Y N TFVC exposes some warehouse

data like code churn. Git does not. Stay tuned with MS.

Eclipse Integration Y Y
Gated checkin Y N
High availability/DR Y Y
Welcome pages Y Y
Work item linking Y Y Some small differences. TFVC can resolve workitems with checkins, Git can’t. Git can #reference work items in commit comments, TFVC can’t. We’ll get parity later this year.
VS integration Y Y TFVC support is a little ahead

with Source Control Explorer, a

little better Team Explorer

integration, Merge visualization,


XCode integration N Y