Visual Studio 2015 Known issues and Bugs

As a .Net developer Visual studio is a must tool for all us. I was keen to find the list of all possible known issues/ bugs and possible work around in 2015.

Here is the path:

Assumed that it lists the issues/ bugs and possible work around for all the releases of 2015.

So next time when you face a problem in Visual studio 2015, do visit this link and possibly you will find the solution.



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Code Metrics in Visual Studio

Out of box Visual Studio comes with facility to judge the Code quality. Below 5 metrcis can be checked in VS.
Maintainability Index,
Cyclomatic Complexity,
Depth of Inheritance,
Class Coupling, and
Lines Of Code (LOC).

Depth of Inheritance, Class Coupling are Design metrics.

In the industry more than 20 metrics exist to validate the code. LCOM4 is important of all such.

How Visual Studio Understand Code written in its editor?

Ever wondered how Visual Studio come to know that a class has been created?
How Code editor understand if a function or a property or a namespace has been created?

The CodeDOM provides types that represent many common types of source code elements. You can design a program that builds a source code model using CodeDOM elements to assemble an object graph. This object graph can be rendered as source code using a CodeDOM code generator for a supported programming language. The CodeDOM can also be used to compile source code into a binary assembly.

Some common uses for the CodeDOM include:

Templated code generation: generating code for ASP.NET, XML Web services client proxies, code wizards, designers, or other code-emitting mechanisms.

Dynamic compilation: supporting code compilation in single or multiple languages.

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